Buy-Side vs Sell-Side Analysts

Financial analysts study various companies to identify ones from which investors can benefit. Among these, there are two types of analysts. These include buy-side and sell-side analysis. Both of these are different in various aspects.

Who are Buy-Side Analysts?

Buy-side analysts are institutional investors who collect money from investors and invest it across various asset classes. They use different investing strategies to do so. A buy-side analyst seeks to determine whether an investment will be profitable and will fit the investment strategy. Once they do so, they can make recommendations to the investors for their funds.

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Buy-side analysts work to provide benefits to the funds that pay them. Therefore, they limit their recommendations to only the fund. For buy-side analysts, identifying the right investments is crucial for long-term success. It is because investors measure their performance based on whether the recommendations they make are profitable.

Buy-side entities include hedge funds, asset management, institutional investors, private equity, ETFs, etc. The job of these institutions is to identify profitable investments for investors. For that, they identify relevant investments and gather information about them. Similarly, they use several models and techniques to gauge performance.

Buy-side analysts also interact with sell-side analysts. They use reports generated by sell-side analysts to carry out further analysis of their own. While sell-side analysts will make their information available to the public, buy-side analysts don’t. Similarly, buy-side analysts provide a more detailed analysis of the financial information for a specific purpose.

Buy-side analysts involve analysts that require higher knowledge and skills than sell-side analysts. It is because they perform more technical analysis and provide better services to clients. However, that also means that they may come with higher costs to investors compared to other options.

Who are Sell-Side Analysts?

Sell-side analysts primarily provide unbiased recommendations based on the research they conduct on securities. They usually do so by following a list of companies within the same industry. It is different from buy-side analysts who follow stocks across various industries. Then they provide regular research reports to their clients.

Similar to buy-side analysts, sell-side analysts also create models to forecast a company’s financial results. Unlike buy-side analysts, however, they don’t conduct the research at a high level. For sell-side analysts, the research reports and forecasts are the primary output. They also provide price targets and recommendations on how they estimate a stock will perform.

The reports that sell-side analysts provide are available to the public. Therefore, anyone can use them according to their needs, which also includes buy-side analysts. However, they must create value for the services they provide for them to be successful. Usually, they do so by providing clients with comprehensive and detailed reports. Similarly, it may involve answering clients face-to-face.

Sell-side analysts primarily include investment banking. However, it may also consist of commercial banks, stockbrokers, and market makers. These entities provide all the services mentioned above while also facilitating buying and selling of securities between investors. Essentially, the job of sell-side investors is to convince clients or act like marketers.


There are various types of financial analysts in the market that may provide recommendations to investors. Buy-side analysts include entities that provide detailed analysis and recommendations to clients. They must make the right recommendations to stay successful. Sell-side analysts also make recommendations. However, these are not as detailed and are publicly available.

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