Carry Trade in Forex

Forex trading includes buying or selling currencies to profit from the differences in exchange rates. Due to the widespread availability of markets, forex trading has become a popular choice among many investors. There are several strategies that investors may use to profit in the forex market. One such strategy is the carry trade.

What is the Carry Trade in Forex?

The carry trade in forex is a strategy that investors can use to increase their returns. With this strategy, investors buy high-yield currencies against low-yield currencies. In other words, it involves selling currencies that have a low-interest rate and using that to acquire currencies with higher interest rates. This strategy is straightforward and prevalent among many forex traders.

With carry trade, investors pay low interest on the currencies that they sell or borrow. However, they get higher interest on currencies that have high-interest rates. In essence, investors can profit from the yield difference between both currencies. Usually, they get the interest differential between their currencies for every day they hold them.

How does the Carry Trade in Forex work?

The carry trade in forex works by exploiting the interest difference between two currencies. With this strategy, investors identify currencies that provide a low yield. Once they do so, they sell or borrow them. At the same time, they identify currencies that have higher yields against the low-yield currencies they sold. These are the currencies that they buy and keep. In practice, investors must identify currency pairs that illustrate these features.

Investors can earn a profit from the broker every day they hold both the low- and high-yield currencies. In essence, the investor pays a low-interest rate on the currencies they sell. However, they also receive high yields on currencies they buy. The difference between both yields represents the profits that investors make from carry trading.

For example, an investor purchases the Euro, which presents a 4% interest rate. On the other hand, they borrow the US dollar, which has a 3% interest rate. For each day that the investor holds the trade in the market, they will receive 1% interest from the broker. This interest represents the difference between both of these currencies.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Carry Trade?

Carry trade can be highly beneficial for investors. Primarily, it presents investors with two gains that they can get from forex trading. The first comes from the trading gains they receive from the difference in exchange rates. The second comes from the interest rate difference between the two currencies. It also allows investors to benefit from using leverage.

However, carry trade can have some drawbacks as well. The primary disadvantage of carry trading comes from the volatility associated with currencies. Therefore, it can significantly increase the risks that investors take using such a strategy. On top of that, while it allows investors to profit from using leverage, it can also be highly volatile.


Forex trading, like other assets, can be a viable investment option for investors. A strategy that they can use during this process is carry trading. A carry trade in forex is when investors identify two currencies with high and low-interest rates. By selling the low-yield currencies and buying high-yield ones, they can benefit from the interest rate differences.

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