Net Income on Balance Sheet

What is Net Income?

Companies need to be profitable to stay in business. Therefore, they need to ensure their earnings exceed their expenses. Sometimes, it may not stand true. However, in the long run, it is crucial to maintain a positive net income. Companies can calculate their earnings by deducting all their expenses from their revenues or sales.

Through their net income, companies can determine whether they are profitable or not. Companies report their net income on the Income Statement. A company’s net income shows whether its total incomes exceed its total expenses. For most profit-generating companies, maximizing their net income is a critical objective for success.

However, profits aren’t the only factor that helps the longevity of a business. Other factors also play a role in the success of a company. Among these, the most crucial is cash flows, reported on a company’s Balance Sheet.

What is the Net Income formula?

The formula to calculate net income is straightforward. Companies need to aggregate all their expenses and deduct them from their revenues. It will return a positive or negative amount. If the amount is positive, it means the company has made a profit. However, if it is negative, it means the company made a loss.

The net income formula is as below.

Net income = Revenues – Expenses

The net income formula is a crucial formula for companies and businesses. It tells a company and its stakeholders how much earnings remain after removing all its expenses. While companies may increase their revenues, it won’t matter if their expenses exceed those revenues. Similarly, revenues only indicate the value of the company’s transactions, not its profitability.

Why is the Net Income critical?

Net income is crucial for companies. Firstly, these companies use net income in their decision-making purposes. Based on the net income of a company, it may set goals for the future. Similarly, a higher net income means a better performance by the company for a specific period. It can result in a positive image for the company, increasing its market value.

The net income is also one of the most prominent figures that stakeholders consider. It tells them whether a company has generated profits or made a loss. Using net income, stakeholders can also make decisions regarding their relationship with the company.

Does the Net Income appear on the Balance Sheet?

The net income is a figure that appears on the Income Statement of a company, not its Balance Sheet. However, it may appear on the Balance Sheet as an accumulation of results of several years. The net income of a company comes as retained earnings or accumulated profits on its Balance Sheet. Those figures represent the sum of a company’s net incomes ever since its existence.

While one can’t find net income on the Balance Sheet, it may contribute to other balances. For example, higher net incomes usually translate to higher cash balances. It may also affect non-cash balances such as accounts receivables. However, these effects are not direct but rather indirect.

In short, net income is the bottom line on the Income Statement. It does not affect the Balance Sheet directly.


Net income is a metric that indicates a company’s profitability. It is crucial for both companies and investors. Companies report their net incomes on the Income Statement. While it does not directly affect the Balance Sheet, net income can contribute to various balances.

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