What is a Credit Facility?

What is a Credit Facility?

A credit facility is a type of loan that companies or businesses can avail of. It comes preapproved from a financial institution, usually a bank. With a credit facility, companies can borrow money when they need it, for short-term or long-term use. It means that they don’t have to reapply for a loan or finance every time they need to finance their activities.

Usually, credit facilities come with a promise to finance companies on-demand over an extended period of time. For companies, credit facilities are beneficial as they allow companies to obtain finance when needed. However, these may come with various other terms. Similarly, the issuing institution may also introduce limits for companies for the use of these facilities.

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How does Credit Facility work?

Credit facilities are common across financial markets. Companies use these facilities for various purposes. Most companies use credit facilities to finance both short-term and long-term needs. There are several types of credit facilities that companies may obtain and use at their discretion. The purpose of each of these is different.

Companies must enter into an agreement or contract with a financial institution to provide these facilities. In the contract, the issuer will specify the terms and conditions associated with the given facilities. It may also require companies to present collateral. Similarly, the contract will define any limits that the borrower must follow. These include both time and loan limits.

Once both parties sign the agreement, the company can utilize the credit facility at any time for the contract’s length. During the period, the company must abide by any terms and conditions set on the contract. At the end of it, the company must also return any outstanding amount to the facility.

How is a Credit Facility different from a Loan?

Credit facilities are highly flexible compared to loans. When companies use a bank loan, they agree to use a fixed amount of money with a fixed maturity. Once the loan closes, the company returns the full amount to the lender. Regardless of the usage, companies must repay the loan at the agreed date to the lender.

With a credit facility, companies open up a line of finance. With this facility, the lender agrees to make a pool of cash available to the company. The borrower may use it at any time they want. At the end of the credit facility, the company must only pay the utilized amount and not the full credit facility limit.

What are the types of Credit Facility?

There are various types of credit facilities that companies may obtain. Firstly, a committed facility is where the lender commits to providing a loan to a company. Companies may use this for their short- or long-term needs. However, the company must also meet some requirements that the lender sets at the start of the contract.

A retail credit facility is a type of loan or line of credit. It is usually for retailers and real estate companies. For example, credit cards are a type of retail credit facilities. Lastly, a revolving credit facility is a type of loan that allows the borrower to use variable amounts of credit. It means they can use and repay the loan at any time.


A credit facility is a type of loan that financial institutions provide to companies or businesses. These institutions allow companies to use the facility when needed without having to reapply for it. Credit facilities can provide companies with a highly flexible type of finance.

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