American Options Pricing Model-Online Calculator

The binomial options pricing model is an option pricing approach used to price American-style options. An American option is a financial contract that can be exercised at any time up to and including on the expiration date. This contrasts with a European option, which can only be exercised on the expiration date.

The binomial model assumes that:

  • There is a known constant interest rate (r) over the life of the option
  • Volatility is constant over the life of the option.

The binomial model consists of a recursive method in which the value of an option at time “t” is computed from the value of the option at time “t-1”. Note that the binomial method is path-independent.

The binomial model was implemented in the calculator below.


Please enter the following input parameters:

  • Spot Price: price of the underlying asset
  • Strike Price: strike of the option contract
  • Risk-Free Rate: risk-free rate
  • Volatility: volatility of the underlying asset
  • Dividend Yield: continuous dividend yield of the underlying asset
  • Time to expiration in years: time to maturity of the option contract


The calculator returns the following results:

  • Price: fair value of the option contract
  • Paths of the stock price

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